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I love great dining, and each time I have to give sincere feedback on a restaurant, I simply take into account, not just the food but the decor, the people and the service delivered. I always leave no stone unturned in doing just this. It means a lot in guiding my readers and to also help the restaurant improve on their customer service delivery.

Suri Restaurant is one nice place to be in you fancy fine dining like me. If you are familiar with King Street in Manchester, then this Middle Eastern Restaurant shouldn't escape your attention. With abundantly rich decor, this plush restaurant has offered fresh and healthy food (and drinks) to diners who are so passionate about Mediterranean and Middle Eastern meals since it opened in March, 2017.  

So, when Mr Kookies and I visited for an experience, it wasn't anything short of amazing: excellent food, trendy bar, friendly staff and decor with details. We had a choice between downstairs and upstairs but chose to sit on the top floor which has floor-to-ceiling windows that offer excellent street view. The Aleppo beef fillet (with Absolut vodka), for me, was the preferred choice and everything in it was delicious. I will definitely be going back to sample more of the farm & the beach menu.

Photography by BFace