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Keeping Up With Art

I love art, no doubt. And I love people whose works of arts keep intriguing the entire world. For me, paintings and sculptures fascinate me as a true lover of art. At the moment, I have 9  books about art that really arouse compelling curiosity in me. They remind me of the artists' imaginative and technical skills in bringing man's thoughts alive through creative visuals. 

Recently, I visited the Castle Fine Art on King Street West, Manchester. From the works of Craig Davison to the cityscapes of Paul Kenton which, according to him, ''reflect the many moods of man-made landscapes'', I came in close contact with vibrant and pulsating works of my new found loves in the world of art. 

While I found some works free, some are complex and provocative at the same time. I am now bringing you some images from this happy visit to the Castle Fine Art gallery.

Photography by BFace Photos