On Tie Bars And Being Very Iven

Suits that suggest civility, power, authority, diplomacy and self-control are the real signatures of Hugo BossBrunello Cucinelli and Iven Alger. And if a man wants to interview for a job, runs for the presidency or wants to be respected in the boardroom, he had better be looking in the direction of Iven Alger's bespoke suits . With them, extra sartorial elegance has been thrown into the suits. And it's fast becoming an all-time stop for men's suits when it comes to luxury suiting. 

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My Single Casual Effect

I do casual, but it has to be comfy, not sloppy.  I hate sloppy clothes worn in an unappealing ways. This is what many of my followers are quick to understand about me. Smart casuals are cool ways for me to express my physical comfort and ease.

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Wumi Balogun

I know a number of men out there who easily get into a state of discomfort when they think of pink color. But for me, pink is a color that is so positive it inspires warm and comfort feelings. Unlike those men who thing rocking a pink color is a weird adventure, the color itself is non aggressive. Rather, it always suggests love, romance and safety.

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Wumi BalogunComment
My Ivy League Style

Whenever I want to get dressed here, I opt for the Ivy League style. I do this with a vast collection of basics.  A great blazer with well-tapered pants is what I will often choose over a pair of denim and a polo shirt. As you'll see in this particular look,

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