My Ivy League Style

Whenever I want to get dressier, I always opt for the Ivy League style. I do this with a vast collection of the basics.  A great blazer with well-tapered pants is what I will often choose over a pair of denim and a polo shirt. As you'll see in this particular look, complementing it with a repp tie and a striped shirt is the icing on the cake for me when creating an Ivy League look.

I may not come from New England but I definitely got this look in a bag.  The Devil, they say, is in the details- heres a few devilish details to help you rock the Ivy League look like I do. Based on my warm skin temperature, much attention was given to the choice of fabric; in particular, the colour.  The dark teal blazer is autumnal, and this complements my skin tone. When selecting colours for your Ivy League blazers, always select colours that complement the temperature of your skin- be it warm or cool.

Enough tips for today, catch you guys later. 



Photography by BFACE

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