On Tie Bars And Being Very Iven

Suits that suggest civility, power, authority, diplomacy and self-control are the real signatures of Hugo BossBrunello Cucinelli and Iven Alger. And if a man wants to interview for a job, runs for the presidency or wants to be respected in the boardroom, he had better be looking in the direction of Iven Alger's bespoke suits . With them, extra sartorial elegance has been thrown into the suits. And it's fast becoming an all-time stop for men's suits when it comes to luxury suiting. 

Some men want to wear the suits because they like them. Some want to wear their own because they conform with the rules. For me, dressing up in cloths (or suiting up) should be about knowing what should be known in order to dress well and look stylish. I will never allow my clients to become fashion victims. That is why I charge them to dress them well.

I understand too well that people do not like rules and guidelines when it comes to fashion and style. But, there is one style gospel I have always preached and that is: whatever appearance you are putting on, let it be synonymous with taste and style. Look so dapper that these two yield the same sequenced and significant skill.

From the face's shape, the neck's height, the hair's color, the width of the shoulder, the torso's structure, the rises, down to the foot size, I have helped my clients in defining their true and exact style analyses and personalities. And this is a unique process that has helped them in creating a good style.

With suiting, it is about understanding the power of colour, proportion, the prerogatives of patterns and scales, and the manner in which they are associated with suit, dress shirts, neck ties, tie bars, collars and the pockets squares among other details.

Now, because we are talking about tie bar etiquette and the art of being ''Very Iven'' here, I would not want to shift focus and delve far deep into what shirts or shoes to wear and which ones not to wear. We will, of course, be talking about ties and tie bars (or tie clips) only. The many wrong ways men wear their tie bars is the reason for writing this article. Several men have fallen short of this style faux pas. If you are one of them, it is a good job you are reading this.

Before anything, having the right collar for the right face shape is the utmost harmony a man can create for himself. If you can not do this as a gentleman, seek the help of an image consultant. Your stylist should be able to assist you in determining your face shape whether it is round, square, oblong, diamond, heart, oval or rectangular. It is this result that supports the process of identifying what collar of shirts is appropriate for your face shape. 

Another is selecting the right tie size for the right collar size. Something many men do not pay attention to. If you must know, this is actually a rule of thumb. If you did not know this, like I said earlier,  it is a good job you are reading this. When wearing your tie with a suit jacket, ensure the jacket lapel is equal in width with that of tie. It is a point that attracts a beautiful view to a man and one good way to know if you have time for the minute details.

As part of the tie bar etiquette, all gentlemen should bear it in mind that the tie bar or clip is worn on your tie between the third and fourth buttons of your shirts. Or, half of the whole measurement of the face from the hair line to the chin. This method is used mostly by image/style consultants and it won't take the tie any further or less from the former place. Whenever a waist coat is worn, there is no need for a tie bar. Apparently, the waist coat is doing the same job as the tie bar which is holding the tie close to the body. Stay clear of tie bars that extend beyond the width of your ties.

When a man fully understands the suiting rule, he can then learn to break them. But, breaking the suiting rules does not mean wearing a skull tie bar to a job interview or a business networking group presentation. It simply means learning how to be

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you did enjoy reading this.

Photography by Bface